How Veneers and Crowns Improve Your Smile and Well-Being

Veneers and Crowns from Memorial Family Dental

What’s the appeal of Veneers and Crowns?

Every time I do a cosmetic case, mostly it’s something that the patient sitting in my chair has thought about for a long time. It isn’t something that someone comes in for a cleaning and says “Oh yeah, I need veneers”. It’s those patients who notice their smile in a picture, or a kiddo mentions “the dark tooth” they have. Then they don’t smile as big as they should or could, and it affects them in every aspect of their waking life over time.

I have treated many patients with many different “cosmetic” options, and have also put forward flossing alternatives. With the patients I have had the opportunity to change their smile, they come back and mention how they are now smiling more, they are happier, and then tell me what part of their life has changed the most. Happy people are the best people! 

So while you are looking at your smile, what would you like to change? Is there a tooth that is shifted? Is there a tooth that has an old crown or filling that is just not right and which needs to be fixed by Dischinger Orthodontics? Maybe it’s just the shade of your teeth. There are many options to consider when “overhauling” your smile, from the simplest of procedures, to the largest, all encompassing restorations.

To figure out what you need, you need to answer your “What and Why” first. What do you want to accomplish with veneers and crowns? Is it just a brighter smile? Then schedule a cleaning and a whitening. Why do you want to do it? Is it to make your pictures sparkle? Is it because you have a big wedding or event coming up? These why’s and what’s help us guide you in the right way to give you what you need.

These things, you should sit down and have a candid conversation. Sometimes it’s the simplest of procedures that can make the biggest impact. Don’t be embarrassed about your smile anymore. Be happy with your smile! Remember, happy people are the best people!

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