Dean Lankford and his family


From the age of 4 in Long Beach, Mississippi, Dr. Dean Lankford wanted to be a dentist. After growing up woodworking with his grandfather and learning how to live a good life, he went to University of Florida (Go Gators!) and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

He then left the South and attended Boston University for dental school, where he also graduated Magna Cum Laude. He was one of the first students to be certified in cadcam technology and put it to active use immediately. He was also in the first class to ever be certified as a student with invisalign and the technology that goes along with it.

After graduation, Dr. Lankford moved to Houston for a chance at an associateship. After a little less than a year, he decided he wanted to continue his education and completed a 2 year post graduate certificate in orthodontics in a year and a half. He spent a brief time as an orthodontic instructor before becoming an international speaker for companies such as Philips, Zila, Dentsply, and other smaller dental backed companies with topics ranging from laser dentistry, esthetic dentistry, TMJ and bite-related issues, and biomimetic dentistry.

His passion for people, patients, and dentistry fuel his desire to continue on with teaching and learning. He has also been a presiding chair of the Yankee Dental Congress, one of the largest dental conventions in the nation held each year in Boston, MA. He was clinical director of a larger corporate driven Houston area practice, before leaving to start his own practice in Memorial. He maintains his membership in several dental societies nationally and locally.

When not performing and thinking about dentistry, his family is his life. He has a beautiful and wonderful wife, Carri, and two sons, Colton and Wesley, and a daughter, Elise. Dr. Lankford still actively does woodworking often, enjoys his new passion, playing with lasers, and also loves to target shoot and clay shoot. He enjoys talking about just about anything with his patients!